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We Care … We Help” reflects the underlying mission of all legal work that Weiss and Field perform for their clients. Weiss and Field understand that consulting a lawyer is never easy, often intimidating and involve life changing events. Weiss and Field’s mission is not simply to provide outstanding legal services, but to insure that our clients have a complete understanding of the legal process. Weiss and Field’s mission is to insure that every client is fully engaged understand and approve the strategy and direction of their legal matters.

“We Care” is reflected in our interactive approach with our clients to insure that they are fully aware of the rewards and risks of all their potential legal options.

“We Care” about what you want to accomplish through our legal representation.

“We Care” about what your legal representation costs. “We Help” you understand the risk, rewards, and potential legal costs associated with the legal options you wish to pursue.

“We Care” about what is in your best interest. “We Help” you understand the risk and rewards of your potential legal options so that you may chose a path that is in your best interest.

“We Care… We Help” because Weiss and Field because view legal representation as the opportunity to present your wishes and desires to the courts, not those your legal representative believes should be presented.

“We Care … We Help” because we understand that legal matters entrusted to Weiss and Field may have a have a life long impact on our clients and their families.

Dan Wiess and Peter Field
Dan M. Weiss and Peter F. Field, Attorneys at Law
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